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If you know me a bit you surely know that Soul Eater js one of my favorite manga and my favorite Shounen with Assassination Classroom (I can’t choose qwq) Actually at Japan Expo I met a Maka cosplayed girl that told me people were saying this manga was over as its fandom, AND I DON’T WANT THIS AT ALL! Okay just, since I started Soul Eater it still is the most original story I ever heard of and I’m a big fan of the style which is simple but suites perfectly the theme/story/characters! This story is so good I can’t choose my favorite characters even though I say often it’s Maka (btw if you want to be tagged tell me in comments!) You should watch Soul Eater it’s still an amazing anime and I wish I had the money to buy the rest if the volumes bc I never ended it. I’m starting Fire Force’s anime I hope I won’t be disappointed in Astushi Ōkubo’s new story! (As I read in the first volume it’s really good) Please watch Soul Eater! . This picture is the main poster of the anime by Bones Studio (which made FMA:Brotherhood, Noragami, Mon Psycho 100,…)   #SoulEater     #FireForce     #MakaAlbarn     #BlackStar     #DeaththeKid     #SoulEvans     #tsubakinatsukasa     #ElizabethThompson     #PatriciaThompson     #DoctorStein     #Medusa     #Chrona     #Imlazy     #anime     #manga