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Mako sharks need your help. It’s important now more than ever to use your voice to speak for our vulnerable species. We must collectively show our administration that we will NOT stand for the further desecration of our marine species. Please sign this petition urging our government not to support rollbacks on protecting our endangered species. Re-posted from   @pangeaseed   MAKO SHARKS NEED YOUR HELP! . The news from the front lines in Geneva   @cites  , starting this weekend, is that the US   @usfws   have joined Canada in *NOT* supporting the proposal to list Mako sharks in Appendix II CITES… we won’t get into what this means now, but I will in another post, just trust us that it’s important, and time sensitive. All scientific evidence shows mako sharks are highly mobile by nature, have extremely vulnerable life history traits (late maturing, low fecundity) and were recently listed as globally endangered with populations still declining. Mako shark management is an INTERNATIONAL concern that requires a collective solution – one or two nations fishing sustainably will not recover makos given their continental scale movements. . WHAT CAN YOU DO? Please head to link in   @sharksneedlove   bio and sign the petition to add mako sharks to Appendix II   @cites  . This will take you less than one minute, and could seriously make a significant difference. . KEEN TO HELP MORE? Email / DM   @usfws   with your thoughts on their decision to NOT back the mako shark proposal! The oceans fastest predator needs your HELP, so, will you help them? . PLEASE share this post on your feed! . Repost from   @sharksneedlove   . PC:   @shawnheinrichs   .   #shark     #makoshark     #cites     #usfws     #sharks     #makosharks     #cites4sharks     #shortfinmako     #savesharks     #conservation     #extinctionisforever     #extinction     #protectwhatyoulove     #ocean     #marinelife     #sealife     #diving     #photography     #nature     #natgeo     #underwaterphotography