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Journal excerpt jotted down between a minor workload panic attack and a first cup of coffee: “Maybe I worry over the unimportant. Maybe what counts the most, and is most meaningful in the long run, is to be present with what’s at hand – whether that’s friends, family, or myself (perhaps most importantly myself sometimes). Perhaps just as important as working hard, is to let it be. To find that balance, if there is one, and to not worry when I fall short on either side. Let it be. When I look at the stars, I imagine they don’t fret about a messy desk-space and due workloads. They are just present, waiting to be marveled at, worlds so much bigger than our own. And in this reflection, the realization that our own world of being still exists in the presence of so much greater – is that not something to marvel at also? To be alive, surrounded by stars. The worries suddenly feel small. And maybe we feel small ourselves, but damn, we’re here. So let’s be here and dance.”