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How do I make a photo I’m happy with? For me, landscape photography is like making a caricature of the landscape: I identify the elements that speak to me, then fill my frame with them and exaggerate their characteristics, while minimizing distractions and features that don’t fit the story I want to tell. In this case I was over 20 miles away from these two mountains (100 bonus internet points to all those who can name these famous peaks) and from that vantage point I could see about 1000 different things: the road in front of me, a dusty lake bed to my left, craggy hills to my right, sage brush and mesquite, foothills, plenty of blue sky above, and a huge row of mountains stretching out in front of me. By taking the time to ask what I was really drawn to in that scene I was able to identify these two peaks, the sunlight glancing off their flanks, and the clouds that swirled around them. It was a display of texture and light, but very little color. I began the process by zooming in (in this case to 1000 mm!) in order to fill my frame with just those elements I was attracted to, and excluding everything else around me. In post I wanted to highlight the light, shadow, drama, and texture of the scene, so I went with a near-monochrome version so that color wouldn’t be a distraction. Remember, my goal is to exaggerate the elements that speak to me and minimize those that don’t. So I also increased the contrast to make the flat raw file come to life with drama. Be sure to visit my website, for tons and tons of free landscape photography tips and tutorials.   #NikonNoFilter     #Z7