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Photo by   @amivitale  . Tonight, Feb. 27 in Prague, my exhibit Hope x Extinction opens at   @czechphotocz   at 6pm. I’ll be giving an artist’s talk and two VR films will be on display. The show kicks off the new Czech Photo Nature competition for Czech and Slovak photographers. Come see us! Learn more at czechphoto.org. The show runs until April 7. Here, an orphaned baby southern white rhino grazes at his home, Ol Pejeta Conservancy (  @olpejeta  ). At the end of the 19th century, southern white rhino were on the brink of extinction with only one small population of 20-50 animals remaining in South Africa. Today, thanks to one of the most successful collective conservation efforts of the century, there are now thriving populations in east and southern Africa and there are now 20,000 of these amazing creatures. Despite this rebound, poaching remains a massive threat to all rhinos and each individual is carefully cared for and guarded. In a world of 7 billion, we need to start recognizing that we are not separate from nature. When we see ourselves as part of nature, then saving nature is really about saving ourselves. Learn how to get involved by following   @amivitale   and   @olpejeta  .   @safariparkdvurkralove     @nature  _africa   @kenyawildlifeservice     @thephotosociety     @natgeo     #LastManStanding     #SudanForever     #WorthMoreAlive     #OlPejetaRhinos     #protectrhinos     #DontLetThemDisappear     #rhinos     #saverhinos     #stoppoaching     #kenya     #northernkenya     #africa     #everydayafrica     #photojournalism     #nikon     #nikonambassador     #nikonnofilter     #nikonlove     #nikon     #d4s     #natureisspeaking     #amivitale