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An insight into the life of an ostomate: . This month Viv, an ostomate from Melbourne got in touch with us to share her perspective on the Welland HydroFrame with Manuka Honey and why she recommends this product to other ostomates. . “6 months after my ileostomy op, I was feeling pretty confident that I had at least sorted the changing of my appliance. My medical team kept asking ‘Had any leakages yet?’ I smugly answered ‘Nope and I don’t intend to!’ . Then it happened one fateful night I woke up way past my usual ’empty the appliance’ time and I was to put it mildly, in a real mess…. . The problem was not just having to throw everything in the wash, have a shower etc. I noticed the skin around my stoma where my appliance rests, was red and angry looking. . I wanted to use an UltraFrame to be doubly secure after the leak but I also wanted my skin to heal. I remembered I had a sample of a Welland Hydroframe with Manuka Honey; understanding honey is great for healing I decided to give it a go. . Relief! My skin was back to normal when I came to change the appliance. . Using the HydroFrame with Manuka Honey is easy. It is thicker than other frames but after a few minutes you don’t know it is there. It really provides a secure grip around your appliance and comes away cleanly when removed. Importantly your skin looks and feels great. . I now have both types of frames to choose from depending on my needs at the time.” . Here at Omnigon, we love hearing about our customer’s experiences because our priority is to ensure you are happy with our products. . If you have any questions or would like to share your experience, we would love to hear from you! Send us a message or contact our Customer Service team. . AU: 1800 819 274 NZ: 0800 440 027 .   #stoma     #ostomates     #ostomy     #ostomyawareness     #ostomybag     #ostomylife     #ibd     #ibdawareness     #crohnsdisease     #crohnsandcolitis     #embraceyourstoma     #boweldisease     #ileostomy     #colostomy     #urostomy