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  #kisstory   , Kiss rocks Milan on September 2, 1980! Milan, Italy Velodromo Vigorelli Other act(s): Iron Maiden Reported audience: 20,000 / 30,000 (67%) Set list(s): Detroit Rock City Cold Gin Strutter Calling Dr. Love Is That You? Firehouse Talk To Me You’re All That I Want 2,000 Man I Was Made For Lovin’ You New York Groove Love Gun God Of Thunder Rock And Roll All Nite Shout It Out Loud King Of The Night Time World Black Diamond Info Jason Gallinger FB,Thanks Notes: – From an UPI news article “Police used tear gas and baton charges to control rowdy fans during a concert of the American rock Kiss. The rock group, which performs in black leather costumes and macabre facial makeup, had not yet mounted the stage when young fans without tickets crashed through entrance gates to the Vigorelli Stadium where they were playing. After controlling the scuffling youths with tear gas, police finally opened the gates and allowed everyone waiting outside into the arena, officers said. But the scuffling broke out again inside the arena after the concert began, with youths hurling empty bottles, milk cartons and fruit onto the stage and nearby rock fans. Police moved in again and threw out about a dozen youths. One young woman was slightly injured by a flying bottle, police said.” – During the show Molotov cocktails were thrown on stage forcing a 30 minute delay in the show. – Multiple average AUD recordings circulate from this show. Roughly 10 minutes of Super8 footage also exists featuring parts of 6 songs. Note 2;”The group’s September 2, 1980 show in Milan, Italy had to be halted for a half-hour when a left-wing terrorist group stormed the stage and tossed a Molotov cocktail toward the band. Fortunately, the makeshift gasoline bomb landed softly and didn’t go off, as Kiss’s stage surface was light and spongy, in order to more easily enable the band members to move around in their giant platform boots. A quick-responding roadie tech in charge of dry ice was able to quickly extinguish the projectile’s flames.”