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I recognized that I only have uploaded one picture of my   #keithkogane     #cosplay  . So those 3 pictures are also from   #lbm2019  .😍 And yes the last one is me, trying on my cute pink shirt as Keith.😂 I think it doesn’t look that bad.🙊 —————————————— Well, actually I wanted to ask you guys something.😅 I got a dark red dress because of my school leaving prom (sorry I don’t exactly know whats the english word for “Abiball”)🙊 So I was thinking about to take pictures as Keith in this dress, but I’m not sure about that.🤔 What do you guys think, should I do it or better not? (I think there are a lot of good cosplays where genders are changed, but I’m very unsure if I should do something like that🙊)   #voltron     #vld     #lbm     #lbm2019cosplay     #cosplaygirl     #shouldi     #question