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Wow!!!! What a powerful Total Solar Eclipse! Eclipses are fated times, game changers. This one being in Cancer is really asking us to get into our emotional body, to connect to our intuition and to innerstand how we can nurture ourselves best as we are restructuring our foundations. (Saturn at home and Retro in Cap) We want to aim high, expand, grow and evolve with the higher knowledge, and not be afraid explore new territory of beliefs (Jupiter at home and Retro in Sag) We are rediscovering our Spiritual lives and innerstanding what we truly believe with the Universe, Spirit, Source, dream world and other realms (Neptune Retro Pisces) With Mars and Mercury (which will Retro this weekend) in Leo we are driven intellectually and communicating so with high ambition, drive and passion to co e from our child like heart, for what inspires us, for what bring us heartfelt bliss! As I post this Venus has joined the two illuminaries in Cancer, really speaking to how we are caring for ourselves and each other in our relationships. We will never in our lives be in Spiritual point of recreating this New World, with sled live and heartspace focus 🦋💜🙏💚 Make it worth it! To learn more about your personal astrology or for support on your authentic path my services can be found at the soulshop at divinelygenuine.com 💙Remember you are   #divinelygenuine   an   #originalmasterpiece   here to express that spark and shine🧡